Avid4Adventure Summer Camps

Avid4 Adventure camps are coming to the neighborhood this summer! Authentic outdoor adventure camps teach pre-K-7th graders of all levels to climb, paddle, bike, hike and thrive in the outdoors. With help from their time-tested curriculum and insanely experienced instructors, they give campers solid skills and character-shaping confidence, launching them into a lifetime of empowering adventure.

Colorado Day camp locations in Colorado Springs, Boulder, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Denver, Lafayette, and Castle Rock. Overnight camps in Bailey and Evergreen, Colorado.

California Day camp locations in Santa Cruz, Mill Valley, Palo Alto, Saratoga, Oakland, Campbell, Moraga and Walnut Creek.

Learn more today and sign up at www.avid4.com or call 800-977-9873

Getting a Boat

Many boaters and fishermen buying a new boat in the fall months as opposed to in the spring. If you think about it, that actually does make some sense. By doing this in the fall, you won’t need to worry about winterizing it, there is potential for an upgrade, new boats don’t require a lot of maintenance for the season, buying it in the fall means that you will be a step ahead come springtime, and finally, you will get amazing discounts on the year’s models. This will make boat financing that much less painful.
 Buying a boat doesn’t need to be as painful as one might think. The prices for boats will vary depending on the make and size, but many boat dealers and manufacturers can make sure that you get into the captain’s chair for less than what you would pay monthly for a new car.

Owning a Boat

Many people all over the world dream of one day owning a boat. This can be because of all of the activities that owning a boat makes possible as well as for the freedom that owning a boat gives you. There are many physical and physiological benefits to owning a boat too. Buying a boat can radically expand any family’s options when it comes to weekend activities and longer holidays, ranging from sports on the water to a leisurely fishing trip.

For the Family

A boat is a good idea for any family who enjoys spending time on the water. You can have a boat just to use in the summer if you live in colder climes, or you can use it all year long in places like Florida. Either way, trips on the boat can be wonderful times for reinforcing the familial bond between children and adults. Depending on the size of the boat, you can take it out for a day or more and have nothing but bonding time. Boats are especially great for summer vacations.

Speaking of Bonding

40% of all households listed relaxing with their friends and family as their most enjoyable boating activity in a study done by the National Marine Manufacturers Association in 2005. This means that the best part about boating isn’t waterskiing or fishing, the best thing is the opportunity to have fun with your family and friends. This is time that is spent away from things like the video games and television sets. It creates an atmosphere that will bring people together and one that will create fond memories that will last a lifetime.

Improved Quality of Life

Boating for recreation can go a long way towards improving the quality of your life. As you move forward in your boat, you can watch as your troubles seem to fade in the distance. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have to face them when you get back to dry land though, but at least you can escape for a little while. Recreational boating provides people with a constructive type of outlet for entertainment that will reduce stress while providing rich opportunities for self discovery. You can learn how to fish or water ski or just enjoy watching the sunset on the water.


Do you have the opinion that recreational boating might just be too expensive in terms of your current financial situation? Reconsider. Yes, gas prices might be always on the way up, but coastline can always be found close by so you don’t need to drive far to find water.

Water Accessibility

Are you aware that 90% of the people in America live within an hour’s travel of a body of water that can be navigated by a boat? That means that accessing water can be a lot easier and more convenient than you might have known.

A Reduction of Stress

A little boating can go a long way when it comes to reducing stress. In the same study mentioned earlier, boating was listed as one of the top three stress relieving activities.
Last but a far throw from least is the fact that one of the top listed reasons to own a boat is because it is fun. There is a plethora of activities to explore when talking about boating – from fishing and water skiing to snorkeling and just relaxing on the water, you can do it all…as long as you own a boat.

Summer Fun at Copper Mountain!

Our family visited Copper Mountain last weekend to see what all there was to do there.  When we first arrived, we noticed there were people of all ages listening to music at the base of the Copper Mountain Resort.  I love to eat, so I was thrilled to see so many local restaurant vendors offering their specialty foods.  My daughter was so excited because of all of the activities they have to do.

After we listened to some music and had a great lunch, we started to experience all the fun activities which includes:  Go-Karts, Bumper Boats, Bungee Jump, a Climbing Wall and a Zip Line.  As a family, we really had fun together in the Bumper Boats and the Go-Karts.  Our daughter was brave enough to try the zip-line that goes over a pond. At first she was to scared to go, then after she did it, she said right away, “I want to go again”!  We really had a blast during our visit at Copper Mountain Resort with all of the fun activities, music and great food they have to enjoy.

The Pros and Cons of Going Abroad This Summer

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 8.00.19 AM


The summer is almost here, and it’s time to start planning our travels. Not everyone is excited at the prospect of going abroad this summer, though. Dealing with flight delays, expenses, and the exceedingly hot weather isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us will be jetting off, but others will prefer to remain in our own countries. If you haven’t quite decided what you want to do on your vacation this summer, read our tips below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 8.01.05 AM


Pros Of Going Abroad

A lot of us love to go abroad and see what the world has to offer. During the summer months, this is especially the case, as many of the hot countries become populated with tourists. If the idea of sun and sand is one that is appealing to you, you might have just found your answer. Going abroad can provide you with relaxation as long as you find the right hotels, as well as an opportunity to explore. As great as it is to explore our own countries, it’s nice to get away and see what other cultures are like.

Another thing to consider when thinking about going abroad is the memories you’ll be able to create. It’s not always easy to think about going abroad; money and health issues can put a halt to proceedings very easily. While you’ve got the ability to do so, it might be worth having that experience while you can. For children, going abroad can be an invaluable experience that teaches them about other countries. Even if you don’t have children, you might be expecting them in the near future. This might be your last chance to get away as a couple before they arrive!

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 8.01.41 AM


Cons Of Going Abroad

The big con of going abroad is the price. You can have lots of cost-effective vacations in your own country without having to spend over the odds. You could even invest that money in something like a Coachmen RV to give you even greater options to travel the country in style and comfort. If you’re not so bothered about exploring other countries, this is a great option.

And, of course, there’s so much to explore in your own country anyway. Sure, going abroad is great, but I bet you haven’t seen half of this place! I love exploring new places in the land I live in, and there are many that I still haven’t been able to see. While we might think that going abroad is the only way to discover new experiences, that really isn’t the case.

The hassle of going abroad can be a nightmare, too. I’ve had vacations that had gone sour well before we ever reached the airport. All the planning takes a lot out of you, and can lead to arguments. Suddenly, you arrive and find that the hotel is awful, or the flight gets delayed for hours. That’s not always going to be the case, of course, but it’ll put a real downer on the vacation if it happens.
Whatever you decide, I hope you have a fantastic summer!

Lake Placid Perfect Snow Day Contest

“This is a sponsored post with Lake Placid and Mums the Word Network. All opinions are my own.”

Lake Placid has offering a chance for you to win exciting prizes through a fun and exciting contest. Wintertime has arrived and we all are enjoying the snow. So, Lake Placid also wants you to share your exciting winter moments with us and have a chance to win some prizes. You will be telling Lake Placid about all the fun you had here and how you tried to find sources of fun. The finalists of the Lake Placid Perfect Snow Day contest will be selected on 28th February 2016. The winner will be announced on the 18th of March 2016. To enter the contest and win, you should follow the steps below:Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 7.23.31 AM •    First of all, grab your camera and start capturing the moments you spent enjoying the snow. Make a video describing your activities how you enjoyed the snow. The video should include how you invented your own Perfect Snow Day in Lake Placid and anything regarding your visit.
•    Next, go to You Tube and post the video describing the fun you had. The title of the video would be something like, “Hey Lake Placid, here’s my Perfect SnowDay!” Make sure that the video is an awesome one because it will be considered as what you want from Lake Placid, in case you win the contest.
•    Other than the title, you will also have to use the hash tag #PerfectSnowDayADK while posting it on the social media.
•    Now comes the voting. The voting will be done and promoted through the websites of the Lake Placid and the official pages on the social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. As mentioned earlier, the names of those who are the finalists will be announced on the 28th of February.
•    The one, who will succeed in getting the most votes at the end of the competition, will be the winner. As promised earlier, the winner will be awarded with a special prize. The winner will spend a Perfect Snow Day at Lake Placid, as demonstrated in the video uploaded by the winner. Two more days will be given to the winner to explore more fun*.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 7.25.08 AM So, take your camera and start making the video. And yes, focus on the voting because only votes can actually make you win this competition.

*The winner will be allowed to spend three nights at the Lake Placid Resort and can bring up to 4 people. The activities which will be allowed will be according to the video.

So, enter the contest now so you have the chance to win this awesome prize with your family to enjoy!