The TUNG Brush & Gel is the Best Tongue Cleaning System Available & It’s yours for FREE!!!

Many people don’t realize that bad breath comes from our tongue and that a special brush and cleaner is needed to resolve the unwanted smell. Mouthwash does not remove the bacteria causing the unwanted smell and a tooth brush is too soft to be effective. Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 2.17.03 PMThe original tongue brush is called the TUNG Brush that is used with the TUNG Gel. The brush cleans the tender but rough surface of the tongue and the gel neutralizes nasty bacteria for fresher breath. We tried this system for a week and we were amazed how fresh our breath and mouth was after each time we used it. Each time it only takes about 10 seconds and the brush and gel couldn’t be easier to use. It’s definitely beneficial to use immediately after brushing our teeth because it’s so quick and easy.


Here’s a cool video you can check out. My daughter loves it and it’s a fun way to have their kids care about keeping up with brushing their teeth and tongue for fresher breath. Also, here’s some info to explain why you should brush your tongue.


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