Top Three Travel Needs for Women You Can Get from Kinzd

Bags, pouches and wallets are things a woman cannot live without. With so many things that she brings along everywhere she goes, one big container is not enough because it’s not easy to rummage through all the things just to find one small item. Organizing them in smaller containers will make life easier to manage, especially with a hurried lifestyle.The Travel Cosmetic Pouch in Red is big enough to contain your everyday makeup items, yet small enough to put in your purse. It is long enough to handle most brushes, too. It has an inner zipper compartment to keep jewelry, money or cards in a secure place. The whole pouch is zipped too. It is made of oxford nylon and is waterproof.The Cosmetic Bag Organizer is a bit bigger and has double layers for easier maneuverability and storage. You can include your toiletry items, which tend to be bulky. It has more zippered pockets and a clear compartment on the bottom level for easy identification of things. Also waterproof, and is made with oxford nylon. It’s very sturdy so it will hold its shape.The Leather Card Wallet in Red can handle many paper bills, credit/debit cards, and ID cards. It’s an accordion type of wallet for easy access, but it is also RFID-safe as it blocks your information to any possible ID theft. You can also store several coins in the zipped compartment.


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