Accessorizing with Inspired Silver

Accessories are part of a woman’s getup. It started when she was a girl or when she was able to choose what to wear. As an adult, however, it is more satisfying to accessorize because of the capability to buy one’s own items and it can be a hobby to collect (read: hoard) something that adds character to one’s overall getup.

Why Silver? Silver is a metal you can wear as jewelry anywhere. Perfect for minimalists who do not want the excessive display of gold, but still proper for luxurious occasions since silver can be a flashy accessory. It can be worn in formal settings as well as everyday, anywhere or anytime. Bathe with it even and that is fine.

Below are silver accessories you can collect which you can wear for any occasion. The design elements will be the deciding factor to know which ones you want to wear now or later.

Earrings. Especially for short-haired women, earrings give accent to the face. Choose something that stays in place even if you go swimming or if you are active otherwise. Stay away from danglings, unless gala events are your everyday activities.

Necklace. Choose the thin variety. One that is almost unnoticed from a distance, but visually defines the beauty of your neck when seen up close. A monogram pendant is also fine. It may be a gift from someone special so wearing it every single day will be a delight if it is not heavy on the skin.

Bracelet. Whether a simple chain or with ornaments, a silver bracelet enhances the length of the hand. It also somehow covers imperfections by directing the focus on the bracelet. If you also are in the habit of fidgeting, a bracelet is an ideal tool since it does not have to be obvious. Bracelets are also one of the accessories that you can have more than one to wear on different days or for different occasions. If you hang out with a group of girlfriends and all of you wear the same design as a sign of your friendship, who’s stopping you?

Anklet. Not many of us focus on the feet of someone else. When you go to the beach, though, everything is noticed. Wear it with or without barefoot slippers, your foot with a silver anklet is something that can start a conversation. It can be a cool ice breaker and show a unique way to accessorize.

Check out the Pinterest and Instagram sites for design samples of InspiredSilver you can own.

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Glanse-ing Your Closet

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Say Goodbye To Those Annoying Panty Lines

Have you ever tried changing your outfit several times just because of those annoying panty lines? It totally wastes your time and could even ruin your mood. Get rid of those awful times and have those Round Lift Ups. This No-Line Strapless Panty can best worn during special occasions wherein you get to wear body hugging gowns.

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