Comfortable & Trendy @prAna Outfits For Fall

prAna products are excellent as always. And if you follow the trend, you will know that stylish shirts have been a big thing in fashion and prAna have more of the best in products, with unique, comfortable cotton blend materials. With prAna’s conscious effort put into designing products that are very comfy and look elegant, stylish and trendy. If you have not gotten one, you cannot understand this additive feeling prAna products can bring. I want to write a bit of a review about some of their products, and if you have one or two, you will know and understand that feeling of awesomeness brought by prAna products.

prAna always gives the great fit, super comfortable, from the office to a casual night out and even for outdoors. The comfort can be so addictive that you will want to wear their clothes everywhere. Their clothes are great for everyday use, too. They’re perfect for travel, pilates and yoga due to their good fabric blend and they hold up well to regular laundering.   With vibrant colors and elegant designs, these trendy clothes can be worn to the club or to work. You cannot help to be noticed and complimented by others when they see you.

Let me start with the Daria Sweater Hoodie that is another unique piece of clothing that is so comfortable from prAna, with its lightweight sweater knit hoodie with warm, cocoon sleeves and a contrast rib panel at center back. Its made with a total organic cotton blend and coupled with a kangaroo pocket that provides a very relaxed fit. You will love absolutely this sweater! It’s so comfortable that it feels like you’re getting away with your wearing pajamas everywhere you wear this sweater. Not too heavy, but nice and cozy. It’s great to throw over a tank and leggings, perfect for casual or even at the office.

prAna has the Uptown Pant also that has this addictive feeling, so awesome that you wouldn’t be able to resist, to have this silky and fresh feeling, and also is really comfortable and flattering. Uptown Pant is the new rave, the next big thing in the fashion industry, it’s so comfortable that it will outweigh your so to be past desire for traditional pants. These pants are perfect for going out and for being active. Perfect for yoga and climbing due to its unique, stretchy quality, and the wide waist band that makes it also very stylish enough that it can be rocked with a just about any shirt or sweater and flat shoes.

To learn more about these comfy, yet stylish casual fall outfits, check out and find the great fall selection you deserve.

Gift this Customizable Dress to a Special Woman this Holiday Season

Gifting a woman with a dress is not as common as other holiday gift ideas items because women are sized and shaped differently from each other. (Easier for men because they are not as critical in dressing up as women.) It is not really that difficult as long as you have the right information with you like the size of chest, waist, and hips. You also have to know the general style of the person you are gifting.


As an example, this Cowl Neck Cotton Knit Dress in Teal Green is for almost any woman who are used to wearing casual to semi-formal attire. Unless you want something that is common, most women will like this for many occasions or special events. The good thing about this is you can customize it to your style in long length and knee length so you can advise what is your preference. The style is generally easy to wear with the center seam at the back and it easily slips over your head. You can even have it with or without pockets. This gift guide helps you with ideas and the dress is from This unique and attractive dress is made of high quality materials.  I highly recommend this place,, if your looking for a stylish and great quality clothing for you or your loved ones for this holiday season.

Glanse-ing Your Closet

One of the highlights of sales seasons is the opportunity to fill my closet with items I want without having to sacrifice much of my hard-earned money. Often times people who take advantage of sales are also taken off guard on when they buy something, finding that they really did not want the items. It was just on sale so better get it now than be sorry later. Good thing I have Glanse so I can keep ahead of time and focus on what I really want. Since my friends are also using it, I get to see what they also want. Download your Glanse using iOS7.0 or later. It works with an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

A Place for Dog Lovers

Dog owners like me love their pets and they like to wear something to represent how much of an avid dog fan they are. The cool thing is that there’s this place called where they have a great variety of products for dog lovers who want to keep their dog in the positive way. When you visit this place you will find a wide variety of items such as apparel, training tools, books and many more.

I was glad to have been given this opportunity to review their apparel products which are the Inspire Respect Thermal Hoodie and the BUCKIN’ AMAZING FITTED TEE, both fit great on me and of course, what’s important is how comfortable they feel whenever I wear them. They are made of high quality prints and materials so you can be sure that they will last for a very long time. If you’re a dog lover or know someone else that is looking for a gift for one, I highly recommend this place since they have something to suit both the owners and the dogs that will surely enjoy.