Practical and Creative Gift Ideas & Themes for The Holiday Season

The holiday season is the time of the year when the entire family is excited with anticipation. However, it is also the time when your creativity will be tested as well as your budgeting skills. As much as possible, you don’t want to bore them with the same motif every year. Starting with your home decorations, holiday presents, down to your dinner menu and of course your Christmas Eve outfit, there are a lot of plans to make.

You can actually be creative without spending that much thus making your holiday experience at its best every year. First thing you can do is to check your stockroom, declutter and recycle your things. You can check out everything at pinterest for some unique ideas. You can vary the color of your decors according to your planned outfits for the entire family. You can actually use your old clothes and customize it to your style. I found a stylish one that could go along any combination at It has an asymmetric layered hemline in plum shade. It comes in different lengths and can be easily paired with jeans and knee high boots or whichever suits your style. Then make sure that the rest of the family is on the same shade thus making your annual Christmas picture more appealing.

Now that your outfits are ready, it’s time to talk about your Christmas dinner menu. Just come with a dish that isn’t very heavy on the stomach because you may be eating a lot of other foods.  Although you can always wash it all down with a nice bottle of wine. You can check out for your wine orders. You don’t have to go personally to a certain wine store because they can easily deliver it right at your doorstep thus saving a lot of your precious time. You can also check out their wine pairing area where you will find an awesome set every month. Use discount code FAMILY5OFF and receive $5 off your first order at Wine Down Box!  This can be a great holiday present for your wine loving friends as well.

The holiday season won’t be complete without presents and if you have a large family, your budgeting skills will really be tested. As much as you can, make sure that everybody gets to open at least one present for themselves. To avoid the holiday rush, start buying whenever there’s a sale going on, even if it’s still the first quarter of the year. Look for unique gifts that can be practical or used every day just like waterbase pillows. Everybody uses pillows, but since it is water based, it is not just an ordinary pillow. You can check them out at and see for yourself how practical this pillow can be. It is surely worth every penny because aside from being comfortable and unique it comes with a five-year warranty. Isn’t that a great value?

Accessorizing with Inspired Silver

Accessories are part of a woman’s getup. It started when she was a girl or when she was able to choose what to wear. As an adult, however, it is more satisfying to accessorize because of the capability to buy one’s own items and it can be a hobby to collect (read: hoard) something that adds character to one’s overall getup.

Why Silver? Silver is a metal you can wear as jewelry anywhere. Perfect for minimalists who do not want the excessive display of gold, but still proper for luxurious occasions since silver can be a flashy accessory. It can be worn in formal settings as well as everyday, anywhere or anytime. Bathe with it even and that is fine.

Below are silver accessories you can collect which you can wear for any occasion. The design elements will be the deciding factor to know which ones you want to wear now or later.

Earrings. Especially for short-haired women, earrings give accent to the face. Choose something that stays in place even if you go swimming or if you are active otherwise. Stay away from danglings, unless gala events are your everyday activities.

Necklace. Choose the thin variety. One that is almost unnoticed from a distance, but visually defines the beauty of your neck when seen up close. A monogram pendant is also fine. It may be a gift from someone special so wearing it every single day will be a delight if it is not heavy on the skin.

Bracelet. Whether a simple chain or with ornaments, a silver bracelet enhances the length of the hand. It also somehow covers imperfections by directing the focus on the bracelet. If you also are in the habit of fidgeting, a bracelet is an ideal tool since it does not have to be obvious. Bracelets are also one of the accessories that you can have more than one to wear on different days or for different occasions. If you hang out with a group of girlfriends and all of you wear the same design as a sign of your friendship, who’s stopping you?

Anklet. Not many of us focus on the feet of someone else. When you go to the beach, though, everything is noticed. Wear it with or without barefoot slippers, your foot with a silver anklet is something that can start a conversation. It can be a cool ice breaker and show a unique way to accessorize.

Check out the Pinterest and Instagram sites for design samples of InspiredSilver you can own.

Get Ready for Your Summer Getaway

Summer is the best season of the year as you can do almost anything fun outdoors. Going on a short vacation, camping, or visiting places you’ve never been are some of the interesting and favorite events that are exciting to many.
There are two items you should consider to bring with you wherever you plan to spend your time out and about this summer.
 1. The Cargo Hauler Rolling Duffel is a lightweight bag that allows you to store your items while on the go. It is ultra-light, so it will not wear you down unlike others that are heavy to begin with. You can pull it around or carry behind you. It’s tough and durable, so you can throw it around with no worries.  Also, it’s very spacious and water repellent, too. Get your new duffel from where you can choose from any size and color, I would choose blue, but you can order any color you want.
2. INSECT SHIELD AURORA LONG SKIRT DRESS SOFT NAVY COMBO that is perfect to wear outdoors. It’s lightweight, so it can serve as skin protection because of the covering and it has insect repellent so you do not have to worry about mosquitoes and other insects creeping in while you are camping out. Aside from being functional, it’s durable. It’s easy to wear and maintain so that it can last for years.  What I love about this dress is that you can convert it to a skirt, just simply rolling down the top and using the fabric neck strap as a waist tie. It comes with different sizes and the size small length is just perfect for my height. You check it out at where you can find this great quality and comfy dress to add to your summer wardrobe.