Chef in the family

My hubby has a nephew, Daniel, that is finishing cooking school and wants to open up his own restaurant.  He is deciding whether to look to invest in an existing restaurant or to start a new restaurant from scratch.  Since my hubby knows a lot about starting a business. Daniel asked him for some advice.  My hubby said he has to consider a lot of things when looking to own a business.  There are advantages and disadvantages of buying an existing restaurant.  One major issue is the condition of the kitchen and bar equipment that have been is use for a period of time and may not be in the proper condition required to run a first-class establishment.  Having new and quality restaurant supplies is very important to the success of any restaurant.  Daniel has very high expectations because his dad is a doctor and has a very successful business of his own.  It will be very exciting to watch Daniel start his new restaurant and be on his own planning his own menu and cooking up great meals for people that will enjoy and appreciate his efforts.  He has worked in several restaurants already and has a good idea for a unique theme and menu selections.  He hasn’t told us all of his ideas yet, but he has us try out some of his appetizers. entrees and desserts to see how we like them.  He really listens to our feedback and tries to make changes in the recipe that improves the taste of the food, but still keeps its distinct flavor.  He’s got a good start so far, so as long as he keeps his focus and has the right tools in the kitchen, we are confident his restaurant endeavor will be a great success.

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