Church of God

I was doing research on Jesus and his birthday and found a great site. It has many references to biblical testaments that indicate that December twenty fifth is actually not when Jesus was born. I was very surprised to learn. I was also trying to understand stand what the new covenant means. I found that in order to increase my find the new convent I needed to study the bible more. It is based on your relationship and belief with god. I was able to find a quite of bit of information on whether Jesus birthday was actually on December twenty fifth. The Jesus Church questions such thing as it is mentioned in some biblical accounts. It even has it own interpretations on when Sabbath day should be celebrated. It uses only biblical references and allows you to make your own interpretation of such controversial things. I was very surprised to find these things. In Jesus church does it real matter if December twenty fifth is really Jesus birthday? I was also pleased to find out they had many videos explaining Jesus church views. Before you make any opinions I would recommend this site in order to learn the real truth.


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