Cloud Computing With Your Small Business

A traditional small business operation has everything under control from one place: the owner. As the owner, you want to see everything that is going on like where all the money is going and from where it is coming from, who the clients are, what their demographics are and having their contact information for future use.

You also care about who your employees are, how much salary for each, the bottom line and how much did the company earn on any given day, week, month or year. You have all your computers and software programs in your office. What if fire destroyed your office and the contents? If you use cloud computing like that of Insightly, you will not have spent money on extra computers and software, or even hire more than enough employees because with cloud computing you do not have to worry about being technical. It is meant to be easy to operate. Nor do you have to worry about lost data because it is heavily backed up.

You can have all kinds of reporting and even schedule a mass mailing. You can truly be mobile and a social one because it is integrated also with Twitter and Linkedin. It is easy to do use as a CRM, at the same time, project management, all in one place.

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