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Expecting a baby is something that cannot be taken lightly, especially if it is the first, no matter what situation for the mother. It gets a little easier for the later ones to follow because there are lessons learned from the first child’s birth. Lessons can also come from other mothers, so if this is your first, you can have guidance just the same.

Be mentally and physically prepared for a lack sleep.

When your baby comes arrives into the world, nothing else will seem to matter. After all, your baby is so helpless and has a different language you will be learning as the days go by for you to understand. Meanwhile, every cry will concern you and most of the time it will be during the wee hours of the night. When the baby is asleep during the day, you can do other chores. When awake at night, you have to be awake too. Your body clock will be disrupted. Before the baby arrives, get use to sleeping during the day so that you have enough sleep despite being awake at night.

Prepare to listen to classical music.

Babies yet to be born hear what music you hear. When you listen to classical music, your baby relaxes. Your baby will more likely to be musically inclined as well and others may have increased intelligence. If you are not a fan of classical music, now is the time to listen. You can start with Chopin because his compositions vary from light to heavy. You can also try Beethoven or many others that are familiar to you.

Prepare your baby items.

Regardless if it is a boy or girl, you have to prepare for items such as clothing and toiletries. Have a bag ready when the emergency comes so that it will be easy for you to grab it when the blessed comes. Make sure to include at least a change of clothing for yourself, too.


Prepare to save your baby’s cord blood for future life-saving purposes through CariCord. Cord blood can be saved through a cord blood bank like CariCord. Saving your baby’s  blood can be the source of health solutions to genetic problems, cancers and immune deficiencies. Caricord can save the cord blood to cryogenically store it for future use, maximizing the stem cells that makes healing physically possible. If you think CariCord is expensive, think again, because they offer payment options that are interest-free and there are no administrative fees.  A credit approval is not even needed. With this option, your child will be better prepared for the future with CariCord and also give him or her the best chance to be healthy for years to come.

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