Control Your Kid’s Screen Time Like A Boss

“I’m excited to introduce you today to a wonderfully helpful app, OurPact. All opinions are my own.“

Kids these days are really into gadgets these days, so much so that even a four year old boy can easily use your phone’s passcode and download his favorite apps. They would even bargain their for their meal time just to play smartphone games. You can hardly find children who don’t want a tablet as a Christmas present. Technologically advanced kids now dominate our youngest generation.


Being into hi-tech at such a young age is not bad at all. In fact, it is an indication that our kids are becoming an upgraded version of ourselves by learning valuable skills at an earlier age. The internet has a lot of great things to offer to them and it can help find information about an endless variety of topics. However, as parents, we are supposed to be in control, especially on websites that they are viewing, the length of time that they spending online and the kind of apps that they are downloading and using. The internet has a lot of things to offer, but it includes contents that are not suitable for our kids.


Changing passwords to access wifi networks is an attempt to control your kid’s screen time is not effective since they can still access the apps that can be used offline. Good thing someone in the techie world was able to come up with a parental control app so you can remotely control your kid’s mobile devices. They’re call it OurPact. I honestly haven’t heard of this app until recently, but it provides the features for parents to have control like never before. I’ve tried it myself and the moment I blocked my daughter’s phone, third party apps on her phone totally vanished like they were deleted completely. You can also set a particular period of the blockage time, for example at bedtime or homework time. Please keep in mind the app is designed to work  iOS devices only. So far it’s the Best parental control app that I have ever used or heard about. This OurPact parental control is a must for any family that has young children that access the internet and use any type of apps on their phone, tablet or other electronic devices. To learn more about OurPact, check out and download the app so you can protect your kid safe from unwanted apps.

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  1. You are so right–kids catch onto technology so fast. I’ve seen toddlers play on iPads. It’s crazy! I like how this controls their screen time. This would be so helpful for moms and dads!

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