Conversion Vans

I was researching the internet for Conversion Vans and found a great dealer called Arbogast Conversion Vans. They had the best selection at rock bottom prices. They also deliver any where nationwide. I liked one new GMC 2010 low top model where all the seats in the back break down to form one big bed. It also has a two rear side doors on both the driver’s side and passenger side. They had new 2010 in stock probably due to the bad economy makes conversion vans harder to sell. I noticed that they had 60 month 0% financing available on all new 2010 models. Arbogast Conversion Vans has a good finance department that can assist you if you need to finance your van if you need it. You can file your application online or in person depending on what’s convenient for you. They also had an online payment calculator so you could calculate your payment before you fill out your application. Arbogast has been in business many years and have a very good service department. They have a lot of customer testimonials that can attest to their quality service and conversion vans.  My husband would like the lumbar adjustment because he has back problems. It also had rear side doors on the driver’s side and passenger’s side which is real convenient when getting in and out. My friend likes conversion vans because he travels a lot and they are much easier to drive then a full blown camper. The gas mileage is also better than driving a camper. If you are looking for a quality conversion van whether it is new or used I would recommend them.  So if you or someone you know wants to learn more about conversion vans, check out this great place called and see how they can help you.

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