As our daughter grows she’s getting more and more talented with her singing lately. I do a lot of videos when she sings or plays. My hubby wanted her videos to be sent to all of my family. Since they can’t see Rachel that much, sending these videos will surely make them happy. Also, we got thousands of pictures with her too. So, my hubby and I are thinking of making the pictures into a movie. But, we don’t know how to do it in our mac computer.

He was surfing on the internet and found this video converter for mac which is what we need.  Then we went browsing for it and found this awesome website. We have been looking to find a dvd ripper for mac and we found it in here too. Since we are planning to buy an ipad, this ipad video converter they have is a good choice. Anyway, with this video converter for a mac you can do put the pictures and videos together to make a good movie.

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