Cute Games From Your Childhood You Should Teach Your Kids

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Remember your childhood well? If it was anything like mine, it was spent playing outside for ages! And that’s why I don’t understand kids today. Why sit at a computer or in front of a TV for the entire day?! There is so much fun to be had away from computer and TV screens. Especially if they are encouraged to use their imagination! So why not try teaching your kids some games from your childhood? It’s a great way to bond and get them away from modern technology.


Your kids will probably already know about hide-and-seek as it is still fairly popular today. You can often see children playing it in the playground of some schools! One of the best things about hide-and-seek is that it can be played almost anywhere. Both inside and outside! So you can carry on playing even if the weather turns bad. It’s also a super simple game, so kids of all ages can join in.

Cowboys And Indians

Cowboys and Indians is the perfect game for playing outside when you have family and all their kids visiting. You will need enough players to form two equal-sized game. One side will be the Cowboys while the others are the Indians. If you have any fancy dress or costumes, even better! This will make each side easier to tell apart. If some girls would rather not be Cowboys nor Indians, they can always be princesses and can base themselves in homemade palaces!


Cornhole is a great game for kids who are starting to show a sporty streak. It is another easy game that kids of all ages will be able to master. You might have to give the little ones a bit of extra help, though! You can buy your cornhole boards online from various suppliers including This is another game for which you will need two teams. Each team tries to throw as many bean bags or balls through the hole in their cornhole board.


Remember marbles? Well, you can still buy them in most toy shops today! If you’ve forgotten how to play marbles, you can always check the rules online: But once you start to play, it’ll all come flooding back. Kids will love playing with you and trying to win! If you want to make your game more interesting, you could always play for some sweets!

Space Hopper

It isn’t really a toy, but space hoppers sure are retro. And heaps of fun! I’m sure your children will love bouncing around your garden on these funky inflatable balls. If you get a couple, your kids could even race each other. They might want to race you too! Your kids will almost certainly spend hours of fun in the sun on their new space hoppers. I bet you and your partner will do as well!

Have fun reliving your childhood with your whole family! Once your kids experience it, they’ll never go back to the TV!

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