Daily science

Whenever my hubby is home, he always likes to watch the Science Channel. Now that our daughter is getting older, she’s into science just like her dad. One time she asked me about a science matter and I didn’t know what to answer her. I told my hubby about it and he told me to watch science shows with them. Since I felt really bummed about not answering Rachel’s questions about science, I went to the internet and surfed for science daily this morning. I was really surprised how updated this site is when it comes to science technology which was looking for. This place really provided me with a lot of valuable information and it seems like I’m back to my student years when I studied science. Also, what makes this site more interesting was that they offer discounts such as Hotwire.com coupon code and Travelocity promo codes to help save money. Me and my hubby are planning a trip this summer to San Francisco and we haven’t decided yet if we will fly or drive. With these promo codes I found for Travelocity, for sure the best option we have right now is to fly since we found incredible great deals for our trip.

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