Dedicated webhosting

I have used several web hosting services and I’m amazed at how different they are as far as what they promise and what they deliver. A couple I have tried have been more of a headache, then something that was useful and effective for me. This was really frustrating because I did a lot of work to get my site setup the way I want to and then I had problems and not very good customer service support to fix the problems. So, I told my friend about this and she told me I should do some homework next time before I choose another web hosting service. I asked her how she did her homework before she found the best and dedicated webhosting service for her. She told me to go to a website called that has a long list of all different types of web hosting services. They really have done a great job researching all the web hosting services they review by posting articles and giving comprehensive information and facts to that allows anyone to effectively compare one service to another. This takes the guessing out of the equation when it comes to who I will choose to be my next web hosting service.

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