Designer Office

I was looking the internet Office Furniture and found this great website at They had great selection of modern Home Office Furniture. I noticed right away that they have ergonomic chairs which are important to my health condition. At spacify they had very good selection of Home Office Furniture. The one I liked best was the Sintesi Home Office by Cosmetal. Not only did it look modern it was very functional. They offered it in different finishes to fit my décor. I also found a desk I liked in the Executive Office Furniture section named Tai Wood Contoured Office Desk by Uffix. Even though the drawers are made of particle board with veneer the rest is made of solid finished wood. Even though it was made in Italy it can be received in eight to ten weeks. They have selection of sofa that you can select to match your desk that you can order online. There was also some storage cabinet that I thought were attractive. One in particular that I liked is Lunette Office File Cabinet by Cosmetal. Even though it was expensive it matched some of the desks I really liked. I would recommend checking out spacify to anybody that is looking for office furniture.

Lunette Home Office Desk by Cosmetal


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