Ditch the Chemicals from Dryer Sheets and Use Smart Sheep Dryer Balls

Dryer sheets have been making the lives of many Americans easier they minimize static, lint and animal hair from of cl818acppeYPL._SL1500_othes while drying. They also softens the fabric. The problem is dryer sheets are full of toxic chemicals that cause different allergies and disorders for some people. While others may have stronger immune systems, these chemicals only make matters worse for others. These chemicals include alpha-terpineol which cause central nervous system disorders and loss of muscular coordination, depression and headaches. Benzyl alcohol causes nausea, dizziness, vomiting, depression, headache, and death for severe cases. Camphor is on EPA’s hazardous waste list. It causes twitching of muscles and convulsions. Chloroform is also on the waste list, which is a carcinogenic. Ethyl acetate, also on the list, causes headaches and narcosis. Linalool loses muscular coordination. Pentane causes loss of consciousness and depression, among other issues.



Instead of the hazardous dryer sheets, I choose to use Smart Sheep Dryer Balls instead. They have no chemicals and they dry up my laundry much faster and softens the fabric better. They are made of 100% wool from New Zealand and each ball is handmade. I still have to test how long each ball lasts, but the claim is that it will last for a thousand loads. Having sensitive skin, these dryer balls are really ideal for my family. You want yours? Get them at Amazon, check out this place to learn more about this awesome product.