#DixieQuickTakes for Safe, Cheap and Convenient Disposable Containers

A few decades ago most of us were dependent on Tupperware containers. Even when imitation came to exist, many still called the containers “Tupperware” because they looked like the original. While the original is really nice and good and long-lasting (you can even have parts replaced if the wear and tear cause is natural), it is not easy to use outside the home. Why?

1. The possibility of losing it is depressing, especially if brought by children to school, or the husband to work. Losing a pieced can be frustrating.
2. Finding a lid in a stack of different containers can be exhausting.
3. Unless you’re using big containers for big parties and within the home only, they are better off just for display.

Introducing the #Quicktakes®!
– The lids are attached to the container so no more wasting time trying to find the matching lid!
– They are dishwasher safe which means you can use them over and over again!
– They are BPA-free which means there will be no chemicals that will contaminate your food.
– They are so inexpensive that you can afford to give them away to friends and families when you want to give them food in a reliable container.
– They are recyclable which means they are friendly for the environment.
– They can be used for other things than such as storage for smaller items, gardening, sand castle forming, as gift receptacles, ice block making, etc.

– Great for picnics! At the end of the picnic, when it is time to clean up, you can just thrown them all away if you think you do not want to bring them back home dirty.
– Great for bento packed lunches!
– Storage in the refrigerator makes it easy for you to identify what is inside the container. No need to open just to see what’s inside.
– They are lightweight which is important when you have to bring one from home everyday, or several at a times a week, for that matter.

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Remember to watch the video of QuickTakes below to visually see the how it can solve many of your food and storage problems.

What are you waiting for? Make sure you have your own set of Quicktakes® right away!

This is a sponsored post and is an original review I wrote.