Doctor on Demand is Just a Click Away this Summer

“This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Doctor on Demand. All opinions are my own.”

It is that time of the year when most people go on vacation with the whole family or with friends. Summer time is often spent on the shore by the sea, by a pool, in the forest or in the woods, or at a park . These places are often new to the traveler so emergency numbers from home usually do not work. I cannot think as fast as I can with any untoward incident. I get rattled easily, especially when it comes to my daughter. This time of year can be hot, so sun strokes can easily happen. Of course, how can I care for my better half if that happens to him.

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Since prevention is better than the cure, I signed up with Doctor on Demand. No one wants harm for any love one, but as the saying goes, accidents do happen. Sometimes, a series of wrong choices triggers the ailment. Just think of the 10 Perils of Summer. You have probably experienced some of them yourself.

10 Perils of Summer

  1. Bee Sting – Ouch! Bees, wasps, hornets and other stinging bugs are sometimes unavoidable.  
  2. Sunburn  – Protect your skin from the sun, and avoid the most severe UV rays between 10am-4pm.
  3. Concussions – A concussion can result from a blow to the body or head, such as a fall from a swing set.
  4. Poison Oak & Ivy – In the woods everything is green and leafy and… poisonous? Some plants really make you itch. 
  5. Jellyfish – They’re not really fish, and they don’t attack. But their tentacles pack a painful and potent venom.
  6. Tick bites – Lyme disease and other complications can arise from a nasty little tick bite. Ask a doctor.
  7. Sunstroke – Kids and seniors are at higher risk for heat exhaustion and sunstroke. Be aware.
  8. Sports Injuries – After a long winter, we’re in a rush to get outdoors. Sometimes leading to a trip and fall.
  9. Burns – Accidents can happen when we’re around campfires or BBQ grills. Get treatment right away.
  10. Kids bumps and bruises – Sometimes it’s a minor scrape, but it may be a more serious bruise. 

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As for me and my family, I made sure I have registered. I just used my iPad by the way and it was so simple. Having doctors who are certified makes me confident that the 10 Perils mentioned, like a bee sting, a jelly fish sting and insect bites that can cause allergies; burns by fire or hot water can scald skin; concussions, bumps and bruises can cause scarring and sunstrokes that can leave one unresponsive, but are manageable with a few taps on my iPad.

I was thinking more about my very active daughter. As much as possible, I don’t want her to not have a doctor available when she needs one. Waiting in line for something that can be attended to at home is frustrating. So, I tested the system and called my daughter to see a pediatrician because she had some rashes at her back. I just took pictures and showed them to the doctor and also a video of her back. It turned out to be caused by the summer heat. The doctor was so kind and caring. The visit gave me peace of mind without having to drive to the hospital.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.19.05 AMYou too can experience Doctor on Demand: Live MD & Therapy Visits on App and have the peace of mind you deserve.  Get your 1st Visit FREE – Sign Up now and use code MILEHIGH  this will expire on July 15.