Donate to a good cause

I have a friend that lives outside of Chicago and she told me recently she has an extra car she doesn’t need anymore. She said it would be easier and better for her to find a good charity to donate a car to instead of hassling with selling the car herself. Since she is so busy, I did some searching on the internet to find the best charity near her. After looking at several different charities on the internet, the best one I found was a website called This is a well-known Illinois car donation charity I told my friend about after I found it. They make it easy to make car donations and make sure they go to a good cause. She mentioned one of her neighbors has a car they don’t need either and would prefer to donate it to a good cause. So, my friend told her about this website and they agreed this is the best charity option they have found too. It’s good to know that I was able to help out my friend and her neighbor find a good local charity to donate their cars, especially knowing that some charities are not getting as many needed donations due to the long recession we have been in.

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