Don’t Lose It, Label It With Kidecals

My daughter just started kindergarten a week ago and she’s really excited and happy about it.  I got all her school supplies ready and labeled some of them before I took them to her school.  I would like to thank for the awesome personalized name labels I received for this product review.  These labels are just amazing compared to other labels! My daughter really loves them! As you can see the logo is a princess and she just loves the princess look and having this logo on her stuff is just perfect! Especially when she uses these items five times a day.  Also, I don’t need to worry about her stuff being lost or misplaced because they can be easily tracked down with her name and phone number on them.   What I love about these labels is that they are dishwasher safe, clothes washer and dryer safe.  

Kidecals labels are the strongest waterproof overlays available. They’re for all intents and purposes and are indestructible! Their glue is profoundly forceful and enduring, yet it won’t harm any surfaces. This place ensures your marks will stay safely settled to any surface without peeling and your pretty outline will dependably remain scratch free. These personalized labels are perfect for this school year, so if you want your kids items to stay with your child, these Kidecals will be the perfect place for you to check out.  You can become their Facebook and Twitter fan to get their updates for their amazing customized name labels.

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