Don’t wait too much longer

Summer is here already and we are still getting things done in our yard, garden and some indoor plants that have their own planter we have been wanting to get taken care of. We had a real wet spring, so we are running a little behind schedule. We really love having plants around the outside and in most of the rooms in our house. We have been putting off for a couple of years to replace a lot of our old planters. We need the following: Indoor Planters, Outdoor Planters, Garden Planters, Window Box Planters, High End Planters and Decorative Planters. My hubby said it will look so much better when we get all the old ones replaced with new ones that have a much better look to them.

We decided I will replace the Window Planter, the High End Planter in our master bedroom, and the Decorative Planter on our front porch. My hubby will work on the rest which includes an indoor planter, an outdoor planter and at least one garden planter in our backyard. We will be so happy when we get them all replaced with new, very attractive and durable planters that we should replace much sooner.

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