Easy Backup

For several months I have worked with MailPix and tried their services and products. It was indeed a great opportunity and I was so happy with all the products that received from them and the print quality is just awesome. Now I have been given another opportunity and it was my pleasure to introduce to you the easy backup to all your special photos.

This usb drive is very easy to use, you just plug it in, open program: click start backup and unplug and store in a safe place. How easy is that? And here’s another cool thing about picture keeper, it’s compatible with PC and Mac and you can get this FREE in MailPix if you order. Yup, a free gift with a purchase on Mail Pix and when you purchase at this place, you will be amazed how great their print and services they are offering. So, for easy backup, no software to install, this Picture Keeper is a great backup option for all your favorite photos.