Embedded applications

I always get fascinated with computer software. I just didn’t have the guts to go to computer school. If I had a choice to go back to school, I would choose to go to a computer learning school. I changed my mind because I work on the computer all the time. This is the base for my job. It would be nice to know everything about embedded pc and embedded sbc and many other related topics. That way, I don’t need to go to the shop if something happens to my computer or call my brother for help. My brother knows a lot of computer software such as embedded pc and other stuff. He has a degree in computer science. One time we talked about my computer and he just talks a lot about embedded pc or sbc. I told him I don’t know anything about it and never heard of it. He told me a lot of stuff about it and I was curious and wanted to learn more about this kind of software. He wanted to upgrade because he needs it for his business. He just opened a computer shop back in our hometown and has a lot of customers in the first month. He needs a couple of embedded pc and embedded sbc and asked me if I can help him find the best place to get some reasonable prices. I told him I can because I liked browsing and searching on the internet. It’s really fun for me to surf because I know that way, it always gives me an idea about the products I’m looking for. I always like to learn, especially when it comes to computer software. Anyway, I found this cool place that has a wide variety of computer software products to choose from. Their selection includes the one my brother needs for his business.

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