Encourage Creativity in Your Kids by Using the Mini Monet App

The children of today are more tech savvy than the previous generations by far. Some of them learn to use a tablet or computer even before they learn how to talk. Their brains are like sponges willing to absorb any lessons. As parents, it is important to feed their brains with something worth learning. It is their chance to develop creativity as early as possible.

Instead of some playing some random game, why not start with Mini Monet from Sprite Kids?  It is a helpful tool for both parents and children. The finished art can be shared with others anonymously with the safety of the child in mind. The app gives the user the space to draw, color and create symmetry by copying the first half of the image in a mirror image. The tools used to make the artwork are easily identifiable so that my six-year old is enjoying every moment of playing with it.

Mini Monet is not just for drawing or coloring. It is an avenue to share one’s artwork with others and get to appreciate the work of others because it is also an Art Club. Liking the work of another boosts the spirit of the artist, and the liker gets to earn some coins. It also helps the child to be social. The best part of the app is the weekly challenges which gives the artist-in-the-making something to look forward to and prove to himself/herself that they can win the challenge. Psychologically, these are little successes that build up over life. After each art project, remember to save it in the Art Book for later retrieval. Years later, the child can look back and see how much he/she has improved over the years. Hurry! Start your child towards a creative journey. 

To download the FREE app, click HERE.  If you want to learn more about this awesome App for kids check out this place Sprite Kids, become their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Fan and let your kids explore and learn.

This is a sponsored post and is an original review I wrote.

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