English Vacation

This is a guest post written by Alex Waters

We arrived in Manchester, England to start a tour of as many English heritage sights as we could. Our family has many English descendants so thought it would be perfect to release ourselves onto the British mainland for a couple of weeks to check out a bit of our family history. Also perhaps catch up on some of our family members who we had only Internet contact with over the last decade.

It was very busy when we disembarked and went through security at Manchester Airport, it was almost an hour before we got out of the queue at immigration which gave me particularly some time to think about everything back at home in the United States.

I began to think about leaving the house for two weeks, I suppose everybody wonders what will happen if they leave their home for a period of time. To which I thought it is a good thing we have an alarm system at home. At least if anything happens then the neighbors would notice and perhaps call the police, and I know my ADT in New York helps keep my home safe.

I had however asked my friend next door if he would keep an eye on things while we are away, to which he said that there was no problem. This offered a little bit more peace of mind for us, before we left for England.

I gave my friend an extra set of keys just in case anything happened, and I also asked if he would change the disk for the CCTV in the computer in seven days. He said he would, so that was that and I said I would return the favor when their family goes on vacation later in the year.

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