Enjoy Mountain Ice Games Without the Chills

Some people enjoy the real challenge of a ski adventure out in the mountains. Others are afraid to even start because of the fear of being injured or they might just not like to be outside in cold weather. Others may want the challenge, but live where winter does not bring cold weather and snow.  Now you can have endless fun in the comforts of your own place, under the comforter of your cozy bed.

Wild Ski is the fun-packed snow adventure that can be played via iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS7 or later. It was just released last month and everyone who has tried it is crazy about it.   You can choose from any of the adorable characters, like Halsey the Hippo, to ski down the hill, Lukas the Lion to shred the mountain, Klara the Kangaroo to jump and jive with style, and Kris the Koala to race for points.  It is easy to play and is kid-friendly, but adults have fun playing, too. Those who fear to try the snowboard ought to try this FREE game.

Just like many of the games, you can purchase certain powers, but you can also earn points to play totally FREE.  This is a great game for me and my daughter. It is one way to bond with each other as we earn our points higher than the other. Oh yes, she can play better than I can. It is also a way to have some fun and relax playing this addicting free game. It is also a great game to play when I am waiting in line or for an appointment instead of just focusing on how much longer before I get to be served. It is also a great distraction for my daughter so she is not bored when we are not busy.  Several of my friends and relatives have played this game and enjoy it as much I do.

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