Enjoy Picnics Even with a Toddler

When you have a small child that is learning to walk, going to picnics are not as fun since you tend to carry your baby everywhere you go or run after them wherever he/she went especially if the enjoyment of roaming around is treasured. With a Ciao! Baby The Portable High Chair you need not worry where your baby is! You also do not have to carry his/her weight all the time! You can enjoy chatting with others while your baby toddler eats by him/herself, and the best part is, the portable high chair is easily set up and collapsed.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 11.31.35 AMWith the portable high chair, moms with babies can plan for a get together, set the high chairs together and the babies/toddlers can have their own chitchat while mommies have their own. Come feeding time, the high chair is made so there is a place to put a plate on and a hole to hold a tumbler so it will be stable. With a lap belt, baby is also stable. After the party is over, it is easy to collapse and store the chair away. You can also think of other possibilities like setting up a clip on umbrella.