Enjoy the Colorado Renaissance Festival

I was given complimentary tickets to the Colorado Renaissance Festival. It was really fun and exciting! Just imagine this scene and let’s see if you won’t get the urge to have this kind of fun. Have you ever seen chivalrous knights and brave steeds go for a joust, live? This Festival is your chance! Many love cats, but how about getting the thrill of seeing the big cats perform up close and personal? Be humored by Puke & Snot with The Game of Clones and Winnie and Myrtle with the Washing Well Wenchess. Be amazed with the Sword Swallower, Johnny Fox. Another comedy (mimed) by Arsene made us all laugh. Our family had so much fun seeing all the different shows and characters in costume. They look so real and act so genuine it’s like going back in time during the Renaissance!

I received complimentary tickets for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.