Essential Tips For Helping Your Child Deal With A New Sibling!

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Getting pregnant is a joyous time for you and your partner. You are so excited to bring a new life into the world and get to know what they are like. And if you have already got a child, it can be even more exciting as they get to know their new sibling. A lot of people tell their child in a creative way that they are having a new brother or sister. And as much as they may be excited about a new baby coming, they don’t often understand what it can mean, and how things may change when it arrives. Here are some essential tips for helping your kid deal with a deal sibling.

Tell them early on

When you discover you’re pregnant, it can often be hard to keep it a secret as you are so excited about the arrival of your little one. But a lot of people wait until they have had their 12-week scan before telling anyone. Before heading out to tell family and friends the big news, you need to sit down with your kid and tell them about the new baby. If they are too young to understand, it would be wise to wait till its a bit later on in the pregnancy. But if they are older than two, you should tell them sooner rather than later. They need time for it to sink into their head that they will become a sibling. Explain to them about the new baby and how you will be experiencing changes to your body. Make sure you tell them you still both love them very much.

Spend time with them

When you are expecting a baby, you can often experience mood swings as well as being exhausted. But you need to try and be there for your little one as much as possible. You need to keep things as normal as possible. Arrange to go on a mini-break with your partner and the child and spend time together as a family. It will likely be your last break as just a three so enjoy the time together. Once the baby arrives, you need still to try and spend as much time as possible with your child. It can be hard, but try and not disturb their life too much. While the baby is sleeping, play with your child and read them a story at bedtime.

Listen to their worries

If you notice your child seems to be withdrawing since you told them about the pregnancy, it’s time to sit them down and ask them about their worries. Listen to their concerns about the baby and try and answer any questions that they may have. As discussed here, you need to accept they may have mixed feelings about the baby and it will take them a while for them to bond when the baby arrives. Tell them it’s okay to feel worried about the new arrival and how things may change.

Talk about their role as a sibling

Becoming a sibling is an exciting time as your child will have a new friend for life. You should try and read books about becoming a sibling and watch shows which broach the subject. You can also talk to your child about what it was like when your brother or sister came along. You can also buy them some ‘sibling’ souvenirs which will get them excited about the new arrival. You can get ideas at A big brother or big sister top always goes down well with kids. You can buy them matching clothes which can look adorable.

Spoil them

You should consider treating your child before the new baby comes so that they feel like they are still important to you. As well as spoiling them with love, you should buy them a couple of new toys. Once the baby arrives, buy them a couple of gifts as they may feel jealous of all the presents that the baby will be getting. Tell your friends and family members to make a fuss of your little one too so that they don’t feel left out.

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Move them to a new room

It might be necessary to move your child to a new room in preparation for the baby’s arrival. Sit your child down and tell them that they will be moving to a bigger room so that the baby can have a small nursery. They might be angry at first, but tell them they can help you to choose new stuff for the room. As this article explains, don’t leave it till the last minute as it can cause resentment towards the baby as it’s too many changes at once. Let your child see the nursery and spend time in there together so they are not afraid of the room.

Keep them away during labor

Soon as you think you are in labor, you should send your child off to a parent or a close friend. You don’t want them around to see you in pain as it will haunt them for the rest of their life. Spending time with their grandparents will also make them feel special as they are bound to treat them. Once the baby has arrived, let your parent bring the child in to see the baby once you feel a bit better. Don’t force them to hold the baby if they don’t want to, and let them go after a while if it’s too much for them.

Let them be involved

Once the baby has arrived, you should encourage your child to help you when feeding the baby and clothing the little one. The more you engage them in looking after their new sibling, the more they can come to terms with the new arrival. Explain to them how gentle they have to be with the baby so that they don’t harm them. They will soon bond if they can spend time together.

Hopefully, your new family will all get on well and it will be a smooth transaction from three to four.

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