I love to play lottery and was researching online on places to get lottery results of the most popular lottery games. One very popular lottery is Euromillions. I was surprised that you can buy Euromillions lottery tickets online. You also don’t even need to follow up on your lottery ticket because they will notify you by email that you need to log into your account to check your winnings. For security reasons they won’t tell you have won but just to check your account. The Jackpot for the Euromillions draw is almost 26 million Euros if you are lucky enough to match all five numbers and the two lucky stars. The Euromillions plays once a week in Paris on Fridays. The drawing is actually broadcast on BBC one if you want to watch it live. The Euromillions jackpot has reached over 50 million Euros. One lucky winner won over 77 million Euros and was the highest winner ever. The Euromillions lottery is like a game without boarders as it is played thou out Europe. You are able to purchase your tickets online up till 11:30 PM or up to 7:30PM the day of the drawing. If there is no jackpot winner over 11 weeks then the pot will be split by all winners in next drawing.

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