Experience a Real Meteor Crater

For most people, an actual Meteor Crater can only be seen on TV or on film. For my family, everything just got real!  We were very appreciative for the complimentary tickets that I received, now we know a lot more about meteors, asteroids, comets, and other heavenly bodies that travel through space and sometimes land on earth like that big one in Arizona!

It is said to have taken place about 50,000 years ago, this crater is 2.4 miles across and is over 550 feet deep. It’s one of those places you have to visit in person to appreciate the incredible event that took place here.  To begin our visit to the crated and the museum, we started the adventure by watching a movie explaining how the event happened and why it has so much value as a scientific laboratory.

We also walked the rim of the crater at different elevations and took some fantastic pictures of the most well-preserved meteor crater on earth. You can do it either indoor through air-conditioned viewing area or outside through easy to walk self-guiding paths, if the weather permits.  The artifacts and exhibits (there are 24 in all, making it the most informative and extensive) are really interesting. The rock shop is fascinating as I would like to bring home all the different crystals that I can be turned into jewelry. Of course, the Interactive Discovery Center is mind-opening as we relived the intensity of the impact from thousands of years ago.

We also saw an actual Apollo Test Capsule. It was the best Travel spot we visited this year.  To learn more about Meteor Crater, check out this place meteorcrater.com, become their Facebook and Twitter fan so you can have a memorable and learning experience at Meteor Crater for your next Arizona trip.

I received complimentary tickets for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.

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