Experience #UniversalStudiosHollywood in Person

What is common among Despicable Me, Transformers, King Kong, Revenge of the Mummy, The Simpsons, Shrek, Jurassic Park, and Waterworld? All of them have been favorite movies or TV shows that people have watched over and over again that were all produced by Univeral Studios, isn’t that amazing?  Now you can do more than just watch the movies or TV shows, you can experience being part of the actual set!  With the special attractions that Universal Studios Hollywood offers to everyone who wants to have fun with the rides and shows, being part of Despicable Me, Jurassic Park and the rest is unique and really fun entertainment you will never forget. I know you will because all of us had a total blast!

Join Gru and his daughters and the mischievous minions as you experience the 3D ride starting from his home. End it with the Minion-inspired dance party! You also get to have the outdoor family adventure as you play at the Super Silly Fun Land.

The world’s largest 3D experience happens at the USH Studio Tour. If you want to see the 30-foot tall King Kong in person, this is the time! If you want to be in the middle of the war zone with Optimus Prime, you have to experience the Transformers 3D Ride; my hubby said this ride was the most exciting part of his trip. Get an annual pass so you can go several times a year. It’s the the best way to truly experience your favorite movies and TV shows in person!
Visit Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie and enjoy the eye candy of the Simpsons Ride. Go back in time as you explore the Egyptian walls at 45mph in virtual darkness in the Revenge of the Mummy Ride. Any family trip to Southern California is not complete without visiting this theme park!  Experience 4D with the ogres while wearing your miracle OgreVision glasses. You get to feel the action as water, wind and mist touches your skin. How about an adventure with water, jumping jet skiers, explosions and a plane crash you can actually see? Don’t miss WaterWorld. Last, but not least, experience the “living” dinosaurs with the 50-foot T-Rex in Jurassic Park while you take the raft plunge is summer fun you won’t want to miss.  We had so much fun on the rides we forgot the go on the Studio Tour that sounds really fun too!
You can also see the Special Effects Stage, the Animal Actors, House of Horrors, The Blues Brothers and meet the Characters in the Park.  I would like to thank Universal Studios Hollywood for this awesome opportunity.  My family and I had a blast visiting their theme park.  For me, it was the highlight of our trip!  The entire day was so enjoyable because of all the amazing rides, food and, of course, the ‘cast members’ that work there who are very helpful and friendly. Let me tell you something awesome about this place that we noticed compared to other theme parks.
It was summer time and it was hot outside. But, we were always comfortable thanks to the ‘cool zones’ they have while you wait in line for the rides.  Even though the lines weren’t long compared to other theme parks, they seemed to go faster because we were so comfortable.  We all agreed this was the easily the most fun, exciting and comfortable family theme park we have ever attended during any of our visits to Southern California, sorry about that Mickey!

If you live in Southern California or plan to visit there soon, this place is a must place to visit for you and your family.  To learn more about their amazing rides and shows, check out this place, become their Facebook and Twitter fan and you will be happy you did.  We’re sure going back again. Also, here’s some pictures that I took while visiting this awesome theme park!
I received complimentary tickets for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.

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