A couple of my friends told me they needed to buy new eyeglasses for their children before school starts this fall. I know the problem we have with Rachel and her own pair of sunglasses is that she is so rough with them. She is either bending or dropping them, but she isn’t even two years old yet, but she is getting better about taking care of her glasses. Still though, I can’t even count how many pairs she has ruined. I asked my friends if they have the same problem with their kids. They said most of the time the damage with their kids’ eyeglasses is they get damaged or badly scratched because they are so active playing and doing other things since their kids are older than Rachel. My friends said they were looking for a place to find stylish and fashionable eyeglasses for kids that are reasonably priced. Finding affordable pricing though is more important than ever for a lot of people for many reasons. Those reasons include less cash to spend for families because of the economy and less vision insurance being offered with employers’ benefit packages like at my hubby’s new job. Check out this website to see what great styles glasses they offer at incredibly low prices.

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