Ez saver

My cousin, Jennifer, gave birth to her first child last month, she is a beautiful baby girl named Ivy. She said her hubby is doing a great job helping out and even changes Ivy’s diapers. We went to visit them last week and had a great time. Our daughter, Rachel, was really interested and asking a lot of questions about the baby. But, isn’t that what curious three-year olds do a lot…ask question after question after question. Jennifer has done a great job putting together an adorable baby nursery in their extra bedroom. They really seem to have everything they need to take care of the baby, except one thing I noticed. They have a very cheap diaper pail that already smells bad and will cost them a lot of money because it uses those expensive diaper pail liners. I told Jennifer about the Ezsaver pail we used that is much better because it only takes one hand, has a child resistant-cover and uses inexpensive standard trash bags. She immediately told her husband to order one right away because she is already tired of their original diaper pail that has a bad smell that can’t be washed away. I remember talking to one of my friends online. She is having the same problem and been looking to find a child resistant-cover and standard trash bags. She said she never had a problem with odors until the kids started eating real food. She’s been to several stores already but couldn’t find what she wanted. I can’t wait to tell my friends about what this website has to offer. I’ll bet she will loved it. When you visit this site, you’ll find valuable information about Ezsaver pail. If you want to completely eliminate diaper odors, this place is the right one to visit.

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