FabFitFun Fall Subscription Box Review + $10 off coupon!!!

FabFitFun VIP Box is one of the best boxes out there offered exclusively for women. It’s full of marvelous beauty supply, fashion and fitness products that you will use again and again throughout your life. The box is delivered quarterly. The retail value of this box is $357, but you’ll be getting it for $49.99. Ordering this box definitely will give you the most bang for your buck. I’ll even be providing a coupon code to SAVE $10 on your first box, bringing your total down to $39.99.


The box itself is pleasurable to the eye. It has a nice violet tone on the inside with a message on the bottom of the inside  lid that says “All you need is love..(And Pumpkin Spice Lattes). I absolutely loved that they put so much effort into the packaging, because I can use this for other things too once the box is empty.

It’s jam packed with over ten products that will definitely come in handy for this Fall of 2015.


The first item I saw was the Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask. (Retail Value: $65) I was surprised when I discovered the fact that it actually came with TWO masks. This one is made of colloidal gold, collagen and Rosa Damascena. 


The second item I pulled out was the FabFitFun x Tappan Collective Umbrella (Retail Value: $32) With rainy days coming ahead, who doesn’t need an umbrella? And who doesn’t want to look fashionable while using one? This umbrella offers it all. You can thank Tappan Collective artist Ashkahn Shahparnia for this wonderful collaboration.


I also received the Manna Kadar Lip Locked in Lucky (Retail Value: $24) This magnificent product is a primer, stain and sealer all in one. It does a wonderful job and I have no complaints. It’s perfect for me!


The Doctor D Schwab Flawless Skin Fluid (Retail Value: $39) is super hydrating with only natural ingredients that makes your skin appear more evenly toned! I couldn’t find where it specified the SPF on the bottle, but it also has micronized zinc oxide. It can be used with or without makeup. This was one of the best items in the box!


The Purple Purse Foundation Tassel Charm, which has a retail value of $10, is also included. I’ve already started using it!

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.59.46 PM

Also, for those women out there that are constantly using there phones this next product is exactly what you’ll need. The HISY Portable Power Bank (Retail Value of $24.99) is perfect for having a boost to your battery when on the go. Rather then carrying a bulky cord and box around, this one fits right in your purse and will charge your battery anywhere.


Merrithew Strength Tubing Ankle & Total Body Tone + DVD ($15.99 for tubing + $16.95 for DVD). I absolutely love this because the moves are super simple and you can even sneak in some exercise at your desk! This for sure puts the Fun in FabFitFun!


Tribe Alive Glass Crystal Bead Bracelet ($49) This bracelet fits on almost any woman and it’s super stylish. Everyone is already asking me where I got it!


Picture it On a Canvas $75 Gift Card! The gift card itself is worth more than what you’re paying for for the whole box. You could easily get your money back this way.


The Jewelers Wife $15 Gift Card does also!  It works on anything at Reeds.com

I absolutely love how they offered Gift Cards in this box because it gives you freedom of choice to expand and buy other products. And they aren’t small amounts either!


Crest 3D White Brilliance 2-Step System Sample is included, too. I have actually heard incredible things about the results from using Crests 2 Step Teeth Whitening and if the results I have seen are anything like this for me, it would be worth more than the entire box. It is the third sample I have managed to collect and I plan on trying it out over the next couple of days!

Like I mentioned above, you can use this coupon “FFF10” to save $10 on your first box. If you don’t take advantage of this, you’re definitely going to be missing out on some Fall essentials.

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