Facebook covers

Millions of people are using Facebook now. I heard a lot of good and bad things about this Facebook, but I don’t care. I’m on Facebook a lot and I have met some of my old friends thru Facebook. I hang out most of my time on Facebook and that is why I love this kind of social network. I started about three years ago and since then I have met a lot of friends and relatives. I’m always thankful to have this kind of social networking where we all can hangout on the net, share and talk with our friends and relatives. I have noticed a couple of my friends that have their profile covers which are so cool. They keep changing their Facebook covers and I wonder why. I haven’t made any changes on my Facebook until I activate my timeline. I didn’t really like my timeline at first because it seems to me that it looks so messy. I get so confused with two column rows which is not good. I tried to go back to the original. I got so upset that I started my timeline until I saw one of my friends who uses timeline covers which really changed my mind. I got so excited about these covers that are going on my friends’ Facebook. I wanted my Facebook to be like theirs too so I went browsing on the internet about covers. Fortunately, I found this cool place that has a huge selection of Facebook covers to choose from. You can choose from anime, flowers, movies, abstract, colors, games, love, humor, sports, nature, music, cars, celebrities and many more. It’s free to download and once you get started you can choose whatever theme you like. There are thousands of Facebook users using their themes. Now I’m all excited and can’t wait to change my covers.

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