Fantastic and Fun Bike Camp for Kids

Our daughter is nine years old and was overdue to learn how to ride her bike. So, we decided to find someone that could not only teach her how to ride her bike, but how to do it safely. We found a place called that specializes in doing exactly what we needed. Their setup similar to a summer camp with different scheduling options with half-day or full day sessions. I registered our daughter for the full-day session from Monday thru Friday so she could learn as much as she could from their expertise. She was so excited to attend the first day and learn how to ride her new bike she had decorated with streamers and stickers. My hubby and I were a little nervous dropping her off the first day, but we met the staff and noticed they were really organized. This put us both at ease and allowed us to share in the excitement with our daughter. After the first day, she was already riding her bike around the practice area and having a blast!

They have a program with four levels that helps their students focus on the skills they need to learn how to ride their bike safely and have fun at the same time. Each day she progressed noticeably and learned more skills and continually to gain confidence with her riding. By the end of the week, she was riding easily with confidence around their obstacle course and down a grass hill. The students displayed their new riding skills with a parade on Friday, the last day of class for the week. We were impressed with how all of the young riders from three years and up were riding their bikes so easily around the obstacle course that simulates riding on streets and bike paths.

This program is the best way for a child who needs to learn how to ride a bike, especially when keeping safety in mind. Our daughter is now excited to ride her bike at the park and ride to school after she gains a little more experience thanks to

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