Favorite true crime tv show

favorite true crime tv show

Post contributed by Noah Schmidt

If you haven’t watched the true crime tv show Forensic Files, you should check it out. The show details how forensic evidence is used to solve crimes that otherwise would be impossible to solve. I love to check it out whenever it comes on my satellite TV.

The way some killers are caught using forensic evidence is stunning. One carpet fiber is enough to solve a murder case. They show how insect larvae can show when a person died and how that can be used to prove an alibi wrong. If somebody said they were doing something at a certain time and the evidence shows the crime was committed at that time, that person can now be shown to have had the opportunity to have committed the crime.

Forensic files is a great show and it last 30 minutes. During that time they show exactly the forensic methods that they used to solve a particular crime. In some cases they show how evidence helped free the wrong man and convict the right person of a crime. Sometimes cases are solved years after the crime is committed. This is due to the advancement of forensic science. The show is great and very intriguing.

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