Find a Buyer for Your Old Jewelry

Fine jewelry is something that people either hold onto forever, passing it down from generation to generation, or let go to waste in the bottom of their jewelry boxes. Sometimes a certain trend shows up, we see a platinum buyer advertise on television, gold buyers emerge, and even pearl buyers. Why let precious pieces of fantastic jewelry go to waste? Selling your jewelry can be a very hard thing to do when there is strong emotional ties, but once you are gone, who is to say that your jewelry won’t just get tossed? Selling the extra might be a solution to more than one problem.

Where Should You Start?

Depending on the area you are living in, you may have to start by visiting pawn shops to see what the retail value of your jewelry is, or go in to an actual jeweler to get your items appraised. It’s always important to know the actual value of your items, but know that you rarely will be able to sell them for their retail price, and prices change over the years, sometimes they increase, and sadly, sometimes they decrease in value. However, knowing the numbers plays a key role in the act of selling in the jewelry world.

What About the Internet?

The internet is a great source of information; however, it’s not always the most accurate. There are lots of things that you cannot trust 100% on the internet. There are sites, however that you can go to list your items that you are looking to sell. Finding a target buyer or a specific kind of person that you think would buy your old jewelry is going to be super important as well. Decide who you would like to see wearing your items, whether they are young or old, and go from there.

Thrift Stores are Great Options

Sometimes thrift stores will buy your items, or let you use their shelving space to sell your stuff if they can get a cut of the profit. This is not abnormal, so if someone asks you for a share in the money earned, don’t assume they are only trying to scam you. More likely than not, thrift stores will want a decent amount for letting you use their space. This is normal, because of the economy not everyone can afford to help other people out. Whether it be selling, trading or auctioning your items to the right buyer, the task really is simpler than one would think.


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