Five Simple Ways To Get Better Sleep


If you are struggling to catch enough zzz’s, chances are you may not be winding down enough before you hit the hay. You could be feeling stressed out,  overstimulated by too much technology, or you may simply be sleeping on a mattress that really needs replacing. Whatever your reason for not getting a good night’s sleep, try these simple tips to help you get the best sleep ever.

1. Stick To A Bedtime Schedule. At least five nights out of seven, try to set a regular time for going to bed. We are not children and we are allowed to stay up late, but setting a regular bedtime each night can help your body to unwind naturally. This is especially important on the nights you need to wake up early for work or school the next day. Your body will start to adjust to the new routine pretty quickly, and before too long you will find that you are getting top quality sleep all night long.

2. Create a restful environment. To create a room that is ready for sleep, try to make it cool, dark, and quiet. Bright lights are overstimulating, and a room that is not well ventilated can cause headaches and feel stuffy. The same applies to the use of light-emitting screens like tablets or smartphones whilst sitting in bed. It may feel like the perfect time to catch up with social media or browse the internet, but the artificial light from your device can actually keep you awake and prevent you from nodding off. Soft bedding, an open window or a fan, and a nice dark room will all help you to fall asleep quicker, ensuring that you sleep well the whole night long.

3. Watch what you eat and drink. What you eat during the day can have a direct effect on how well you sleep. Eating a big meal later in the evening, for example, can stop you from getting a good night’s sleep. Your body will be working harder to digest your food, even when you are out for the count, so try eating a little earlier instead.

Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol can also cause you to wake early and will affect your sleep cycle. Again, we are all adults here and your lifestyle choices are your own business. But if you want to enjoy the many benefits of a good night’s sleep, put down that glass of wine and reach for the water instead.

4. Get Comfortable. Sleeping on a mattress that is old or uncomfortable will obviously prevent you from sleeping well. We spend as much as a third of our lifetime sleeping, so investing in a comfortable mattress is really important for sustained sleep cycles. Resting on an eco-friendly latex mattress that holds to your shape and offers all natural comfort is guaranteed to help you sleep better than ever. Invest in a new set of cotton sheets which will breathe and help keep you comfortable throughout the entire night, especially if the weather’s warm. Lastly, comfortable pajamas that don’t tug, pull, or cinch are necessary for the perfect night’s sleep. Again, we recommend cotton as they will breath and allow you to sleep more comfortably.

5. Give your brain time to turn off. Most of us go to bed thinking about chores, to-do lists, and other day-to-day activities as our heads hit the pillow. If you can find ways to relax and clear your mind before you get into bed, you will automatically find that you sleep far better. Try listening to some calming music, meditating, or just reading a book for 30 minutes before you turn off the light. A warm bath, a hot drink and a period of calm reflection is a great way to end the day!

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