Five Ways To Create A Perfect Bedroom For Your Son

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Go For Soothing Colours

Although your child’s bedroom is often a place where he’ll play and have a lot of fun, you also need to make sure that it’s an area where he can relax and get to sleep easily at night. It’s important that you paint it a soothing colour that will help him to chill out in the evenings. He might love red but it’s the colour of passion and anger – instead, go for pale blue or green, or any other soothing natural colour.

Add Natural Light

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Make sure that you open his blinds or curtains every morning to let natural sunlight pour into the room. Not only will this stop your son from getting a vitamin D deficiency – who wants to leave the house this time of year really? – but it’ll also help to warm up and light the room, thereby helping to lower your energy bills! Just make sure that the cord for the blinds can’t be reached by your son, because that’s a potentially very risky situation. You should also replace any regular light bulbs with LED ones. This is great for the environment, and they’ll be great for your bank account too as they use less energy and need to be replaced less often.

Ask Him What He Wants

Make sure that you keep communicating with your son and asking him exactly what he wants from his new room. Obviously you won’t be able to accommodate all his requests but some of them might be very manageable. One way to help kids grow up is to allow them to make their own decisions and to see that their opinions and words matter and that they can have an effect. Take him out with you to choose the paint colours

Make It Fun And Quirky

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You probably want to make it into the perfect space for your son, so why not splash out on some interesting, quirky items to go in there? Look for interestingly shaped rugs to go on the floor – just make sure they’re firmly secured so they don’t get tripped over! You could also check out Cuckooland’s collection of kids’ beds, which includes bunk beds shaped like buses and race car toddler beds. Just make sure you don’t end up buying one for yourself too – it might seem like a great idea to begin with, and they are incredibly cool, but bunk beds shaped like a space ship might not turn out to be very romantic for you and your spouse.

Add Different Sections

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Consider what exactly your son wants to use his bedroom for and decorate accordingly. Add a well-lit section where he can focus on his homework as well as a chill-out zone with a beanbag near his books. If he’s a fan of Lego or railways, make sure there’s plenty of floor space where he can indulge his favourite activities, and you could even add a seating area if he’s sociable and likes to invite his friends over. Remember that the best bedroom of all is one that you’ve personalised as much as you can.