Five Winning Ways to Prepare Snacks for Your Kids

It seems that the new generation of kids are having difficulty eating what is healthy. With the easy accessibility of junk catered to the young and restless combined with the ability of kids these days to purchase on their own, especially when in school, their taste buds have become accustomed to what is palatable, yet unhealthy.

It’s time that moms (or dads, if they are the ones preparing) win over the unhealthy snacking of their children. With the help of Mott’s, you can make snacking healthy, educational and fun, all at the same time.

                                               Below are five winning ways to prepare snacks for your kids:

1. Spell with Mott’s Fruity Centers mixed berry. Cut out a few letters that your kid can bring to school and encourage him/her to list down as many words he/she can before eating them. Give a reward depending on the number of words he/she got.

2. Tear out letters from Mott’s Fruity Rolls strawberry splash. During your fun day at home, teach your kids to form letters by using the Fruity Roll just by tearing out the parts that are not needed. How many letters can he/she make in one roll?

3. Connect the dots with Fruity Centers and Fruity Rolls. Position several Fruity Centers (the dots) on a plate. Ask your kid to tear strips of the Fruity Roll and connect the dots without moving the dots to form a shape (smiley face) or object. This will encourage creativity and imagination.

4. Do the math with Fruity Centers. Having trouble adding? Try it with the Fruity Centers. If you ask how much is 1 + 1, the answer will be in the form of Fruity Centers.

5. Make candy giveaways with Fruity Centers and Fruity Rolls. Wrap the Fruity Center with the Fruity Roll just like a candy and twist the ends. Make several so your child can share some in school.

The Fruity Rolls and Centers are made with real fruit, using natural colors, giving 100% value of vitamin C needed each day and yet with minimal calories. The rolls are strawberry-flavored while the centers are mixed berry-flavored.

Whether packing school lunches in the morning or providing snacks for after-school
activities, new Mott’s Fruity Rolls and Mott’s Fruity Centers are easy wins for mom.
These new snacks fun for kids and made with the colors and flavors from natural sources that moms will also love. 

My daughter really loves these sweet healthy treats from Mott’s.  Now she enjoys her lunchbox food a lot more and she’s looks forward to her snack time, which she usually gets after school.

This post was sponsored by General Mills Marketing, Inc.  I am being compensated for developing these tips in this post after using their products. All opinions are my own.