Fixing a knee

My hubby has a nephew, Chris, that sells hardware for surgeons to use in reconstructive surgeries. He goes through a lot of training and even watches surgeries in person to see how the surgical techniques are done. The hardware he sells is state of the art and amazingly expensive. But, these are the best materials available in the world to repair areas of the body that are damaged. He told us about many different types of surgeries that he can supply parts and hardware to the surgeon for the needed procedure to correct the problem for the patient. I asked him about ACL knee reconstruction and if he supplied any hardware for that type of repair procedure. I was curious because one of my good friends had that surgery to fix her knee last year. So, I thought maybe there was a chance Chris supplied something for her knee surgery. He said no he doesn’t since his parts are usually related to joints. He has really learned a lot about these surgical procedures and is doing really well with his employer. He works really hard to learn as much as he can so he can be more prepared and productive in his relatively new career.