Flood engulfed

A man stayed in his house as a flood engulfed his town. Two men in a rowboat came to his house and offered to take him to safety. “No thank you”, the man said, “G-d will help me”. As the waters rose, the man retreated to the second story of his house. Now, two men in a motorboat came by and offered to rescue him. Again, the man declined, saying, “No thank you, G-d will help me.” As the waters rose still higher, the man retreated again to the rooftop of his house. A helicopter came by, and someone inside it threw down a rope, urging the man to grab it and be pulled up into the helicopter. Once more, the man declined and said, “No thank you, G-d will help me.” Whereupon a mighty voice called out to the man, “You idiot! I sent you a rowboat, a motorboat, and now a helicopter. What more do you want me to do?”.

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