I was recently doing so some research on different concrete floor polishing equipment for a friend of mine that offers janitorial services for businesses. I found a fantastic company that manufactures high quality concrete floor polishing equipment. I t was important for my friend to find the highest quality equipment because it make a difference in the quality of shine that will be achieved. He was also interested in floor grinders and floor removal machines witch this company has the best machines available. I liked their video of a machine called the terminator which removes many different types of flooring such as glued carpet and tiles. It is real beast for floor removal tools. All you need to do is drive it like a riding lawnmower over the floor and vamoose it is all removed. If you are in need of a polisher or floor grinder then I would recommend the Predator series of grinders. It is amazing that you can polish concrete to actually have a shine and be so smooth. All their machines are designed and made in the US which why the quality of the equipment is absolutely the best. Whether you are looking for concrete floor polishing or floor grinder equipment I would recommend you look at this company first.

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