For sale

Since I am home alone a lot while my husband works I thought it might be wise to look into purchasing some stun guns and pepper spray. I was told you should carry both because you need to use your pepper spray if your attacker is at a certain distance from you. That way you can stop the attack before your attacker becomes to close to you. If your attacker manages to get close enough that you can touch him then it would be better to use stun guns. You don’t want to accidentally spray your self with the pepper spray. There are some restrictions on the types of pepper spray in certain states, so you to make sure you get the right one so you don’t get arrested for having illegal spray. I found a lot of good information on stun guns for sale online. The higher the voltage the more effective your stun gun is. I liked the one rated at one million volts. That should stop your attacker dead in his tracks. Just the action of test firing it should be enough to scare your attacker and send him running. I better make sure that one is legal before I purchase it.

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