Free Mini-Course on How to Function Above Entry Level #cwuselflead

Before the internet most people depended on others for learning. That is how we started to learn from the time we were born, while we were growing up through high school and even into college. Not everyone gets into college, sometimes for lack of interest or for lack of financial means. For those interested but lacked the means, learning continues, but they did so helping themselves get the right information in order to move ahead, go forward and push themselves upward. Self-help tools have become more accessible through the internet. It is just a matter of being able to weed out true information from garbage before you can learn something brain-worthy. With this free course, you can use the information to advance yourself at work and in many different areas of your life.

The free Concordia Leadership Course on ‘How to Function Above Entry Level’ is not only for those who are looking for self-help instruction. It also helps those who depend on others to teach them. The mini-course is presented in three videos by Dr. Kenneth Harris, who is the program director for Organizations Leadership and Administration, and is a master of science degree at Concordia University. At Concordia, you are not only given an “excellent education to help you achieve your professional aspirations”, but you are also helped to “realize your calling and live it out in every aspect of your life.”

All content is taken from Concordia University Wisconsin’s 100% online one year Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Administration.

The Intro to the course: ‘Introduction Email’ will reach your inbox and the whole duration of the course will take about 3-4 hours of your time. You will be given links to videos which are backed up by reading materials. You have to watch the videos AND read to maximize your knowledge absorption. The information has details that will make you more efficient and organized. You may also repeat the videos over and over again because while it may be easy for some to grasp everything, others may need to chew some more before swallowing.

The course also comes with interactive polls about yourself. It makes you think what you are really made of, in the sense of the course topic. You also get to see statistics based on geographic location (country, world), gender, and age group. There is also a downloadable worksheet to reflect deeper on the lessons and how they play a role in your life.

What can you expect from the videos?

In the first video, ‘Emotional and Social Intelligence: Level 1’, it explains why emotional intelligence and social intelligence are important to help you function above entry level. It does not matter whether you are the vice president of the company or just an entry-level worker with a goal to be a future leader. If you want to advance in life, upgrade yourself, you are making yourself better, climbing the ladder one step at a time. You need to find out how you do during the learning process so your can further develop your emotional and social intelligence.

In the second video, ‘Internal Forces: Level 2’, the internal forces that weigh upon you as you go through life and make decisions about your future is expounded. There are four, namely: natural reward, thought self-leadership, emotion regulation and personality. To complete tasks in a meaningful way, “you should possess high conscientiousness.” It is “being efficient and organized as opposed to easy-going and disorderly.”

In the third video, ‘External Forces: Level 3’, the external forces are explained, which are: training, leadership and national culture. You will also learn about the ten key areas to examine in your life to move you above your current level, which you can use right away, in school, at work, in life.

Click on the Course Link and start your way to a better you. #cuwselflead


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  2. The Internet is the perfect place for self-help education tools–because depending on your schedule or budget, regular in-person school may be out of the question. Love these sorts of mini courses!

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