Guest Post By: Liam K.

In the times when the fuel market is facing shortages and the suppliers are paying high costs for fuel, FuelQuest.com can help to solve these problems by helping the management to maintain their optimum operations while cutting fuel costs.
Founded in 2000, FuelQuest offers the latest technology in managing the fuel industry by providing them with top of the line Fuel Management Software (FMS.)
One of the many advantages FMS software provides is the real-time optimization of their fuel. Clients can utilize the software to analyze their investments in all locations at a glance. Their software consists of five modules: Inventory Management, Financial Management, Environmental Compliance, Demand Forecasting and Demand Fulfillment.
The FMS Inventory Management allows clients to monitor their inventory remotely. Financial Management provides not only price management, but also delivery and invoice reconciliations as well. The software’s Environmental Compliance module provides remote monitoring and can respond to alarms in the field. In Demand Forecasting, the FMS utilizes a voice response unit (VRU) to obtain reports from the field. Clients can use the Demand Fulfillment module to manage transportation scheduling.
Clients utilizing the FMS can greatly increase their knowledge and understanding of demand patterns, fuel acquisitions or even locating other alternative sources of fuel. The software can be integrated into any existing enterprise systems such as SAP or Great Plains so that clients do not need to install any new software. Best of all, FuelQuest also provides clients with a support team that can be contacted for any questions and concerns throughout the integration and implementation process.

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